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Ashiatsu - Barefoot massage using deep compressive strokes gliding over the body. One or both feet are used while maintaining client comfort. "Ashi" means foot, "atsu" means pressure. This modality is the most popular with clients in need of deep pressure.

Deep Tissue/Injury - Used for the release of sublayer musculature and fascia. This modality brings relief for acute to chronic stages of pain from inflammation and tightness of tissue. Regularly Integrated with other techniques.

Myoabdominal - Noninvasive, external guidance of the abdominal organs into their proper position as well as relief of low back and hip joints. This modality is also known as "Psoas" massage.

Pregnancy - With the use of special cushions and positioning this modality enables a facedown/sidelying deep tissue massage for women up to eight months pregnant. Cushions elevate the client

six to seven inches face down on the table comfortably.

Cupping - Silicone or glass cups are applied to areas of the back creating a vacuum/suction. Pulling on skin gently, removes toxins from tissue, activating the lymphatic system to release knotted tissue.

Haase Technique - (myotherapy) Injury treatment specifically applied for each condition of the body. Soft tissue release technique using "pinning and stretching". This modality is extremely effective in releasing tightened musculature. Applies to over twenty of the most common soft tissue injuries. Helps patients recover quickly and progress with healing.

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